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Trezor Login |  Easily and Get Ultimate Crypto Security

If you are taking your investments in cryptocurrencies seriously, you need to store them in a hardware wallet. Yes! Your purchased assets are always at risk if they are stored on a digital platform no matter how secure the platform is. And, it stems from the fact that as far as technology is evolving, hacking and cyber thefts are also occurring extensively all across the world.

So, better be safe than sorry!

In this read, we will introduce a hardware wallet that is an apt choice to store your assets as it is one of the most reliable wallets and highly encrypted with Avante-grade technology. If you are a first-time user and not familiar with how to set up a wallet device, follow this read as we will explore the intact process of setting up a Trezor Wallet.

Basic Requirements

Get started by setting up Trezor Model One using Suite

Make sure that you are either using the Trezor Suite web version supported or installing its desktop app on the supported operating system. After that, you can proceed by taking the instructions mentioned right away.

  1. After the welcome screen on the Trezor Suite, you will some security prompts.
  2. Go through them and press the “Setup Trezor” button located there.
  3. You’ll see “Install Firmware” as the next prompt, and as you are a first-time user, you need to click on it.
  4. Once the installation is done, press the “Continue” button to proceed to the next step.
  5. Afterward, press “Create new wallet” > Standard seed backup”.
  6. Now, tap on the “Confirm” button and now you need to create the backup of the seed phrase.
  7. Simply press “Create backup” and go through the prompted instructions.
  8. Now, tap on the tab labeled “Begin backup” > “Confirm”.
  9. Write down the seed phrase in sequence and keep it secure.
  10. Next, proceed further by pressing the “Continue to PIN” button.
  11. Press “Set PIN” and feed the digits you want to set as a PIN in a 3*3 matrix.
  12. After all, repeat the PIN and press continue to successfully access all the Trezor Wallet services.

Make sure to keep your recovery seed phrase safe and remember to not share it with anyone as it is a significant piece in terms of the security of your wallet.

How to perform login to your Trezor Wallet?

Once you have created your wallet, you need to follow a couple of instructions to learn how to access your Trezor Wallet account. Here are the required steps.

  1. After setting it up, open your wallet device and press “Sign in”.
  2. You’ll be asked to provide a PIN to step in.
  3. Input the PIN you set while creating a wallet.
  4. Make sure to provide every digit in its designated space in the matrix.
  5. Unlock your device and then provide your password to begin managing your assets.

Remarkable note: For your reference, we are taking the Model One. You can go through the intact process and likewise, you can also connect and set up Trezor Model T.

Summing it up!

Hardware wallets are always considered safer than software wallets as keys locked inside them are impossible because of high protection with a PIN or password. Trezor Wallet is also a prominent device that is trusted by millions of users. This wallet is available in two different models; Model One and Model T by considering the newbies and skilled group of users. If you also want to let Trezor Wallet safeguard your assets, this read will guide you throughout your journey. And, in case you find any difficulty in navigating the wallet, you can get help from its Knowledge Base or support team.